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European Commission
Report on "Equality between women and men - 2008"

European Commission

The "Reception platforms" to promote the integration of immigrants
Under the overall responsibility of the Interministerial Integration Committee, France has set up a scheme to create "reception platforms", which have the goal of promoting and enhancing the reception and integration of legal immigrants who are newly arrived in the country. The scheme, initiated in 2003 and designed to cover the entire national territory, is embedded in a wider array of measures to promote integration.

Migration Citizenship Education
is a powerful, user-friendly information platform developed by Network Migration in Europe e.V. which provides free online access to learning resources on migration, minorities and human rights in European Citizenship Education on a european and national level.

United Nations
Commission on the Status of Women, Report of the sessions of the Commission on the Status of Women,

UNESCO for the promotion of cultural diversity

EUROSTAT data on employment issues

EC and gender

EU Press releases on Gender

EC press release on the year of intercultural Dialogue

An EU initiative for diversity


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