Highlights - Gender & Diversity in VET - Materialising gender mainstreaming and diversity issues from theory into educational practice - A transfer system into three different European societies


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The final evaluation partner meeting, November 23rd - 24th 2009, Timisoara (Romania)

The “Gender and Diversity in VET” project’s final meeting took place in Timisoara on November 23 and 24 and was mainly dedicated to evaluation, implementation and administrative issues. The final evaluation of products was based upon experience deriving from the original project “GenderNet”, recommendations of the National Strategic Advisory Groups in the target countries Romania, Slovenia and Turkey, as well as feedback from VET teachers, trainers, consultants and, of course, end users.

After an intensive pilot test period, the three main products (The manual for gender sensitive education with guidelines, as well as exercises and training materials, Didactic guidelines and recommendations and the Gender and Diversity in VET implementation concept) targeted at VET teachers, trainers and counsellors had finally been presented and introduced to education providers and stakeholders in Romania, Slovenia and Turkey, the three target countries of this Transfer of Innovation project in the last months. To start the implementation, partners organised press releases, workshops and several meetings with their National Strategic Advisory Group, schools and training institutions, as well as policy makers. They offered courses and trained VET teachers and trainers in gender and diversity issues and showed them how to use the materials in their daily work as horizontal theme. In this way, in technical, business and social study classes, students learned at different schools and colleges about how to benefit from GM and diversity issues.
Interested parties can download these products free of charge at the project website or contact one of the partner organisation for further details.

The partnership will continue implementation activities in the future, i.e. beyond the project’s funded lifetime in order to guarantee for best possible sustainability.

Interview with Barbara Erjavec, Papilot (SI), about the project


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Partner Meeting, October 12th – 13th, 2009, Ankara (Turkey)

All project partners of “Gender and Diversity in VET” met in Ankara in order to take final preparations for the big multiplier conference to be held for the purpose of presenting the project, its objectives, activities and results to a selected group of multipliers from several European countries (among them a considerable number of Turkish policy makers and stakeholders).

The technical meeting was also dedicated to implementation issues in the three target countries (Romania, Turkey and Slovenia), as well as concrete planning for planning future activities, particularly in terms of deployment and sustainability.

Partners discussing implementation issues

Implementation and dissemination activities in Romania

Train the trainer implementation
and dissemination activity in











Meeting of the National Strategic
Advisory Group members in Timisoara








Dissemination event with
Hornbach, Romania






Dissemination at
Expo Casa








Nicolae Cernai, FRG TIM director,
presents "Gender & Diversity in VET"
in Timisoara, 30.05.2008





Implementation and dissemination activities in Turkey

On August 21st 2009, Dr Rıza Gürbüz (TEKSAV) organized a meeting with representatives from Turkish universities and governmental organizations to present the Gender and Diversity in VET manual for gender sensitive education, didactic guidelines and recommendations as well as the Gender and Diversity in VET implementation concept in Ankara.

July 24th, 2009, Dr. Riza Gurbuz from TEKSAV visited Ms. İlknur Karakas from the Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Girls Technical Education in Ankara, Turkey to submit and discuss the Gender and Diversity in VET project documents...

... as well as the General Directorate of Women Status represented by Ms. Olcay Bas from the Prime Ministry in Ankara (Turkey).

The plenary meeting

... of "Gender & Diversity in VET" was held in Vienna on November 6th, 2008. After having tested the draft versions of the project's products, the partners in the target countries (Romania, Slovenia and Turkey) presented and discussed the outcomes and results to amend and finalise all products, in particular the "Gender & Diversity in VET manual for gender sensitive education" and "Gender & Diversity in VET didactic guidelines" in the next step. Thus, feedback of various target groups and beneficiaries have been collated to ensure the production of didactic materials will include their requirements and needs found in those countries.

Scientific Article:

Facilitating for “untraditional” female students in Norway

The second workshop

... of "Gender & Diversity in VET" was held in Ljubljana from September 12th to 13th, 2008. The Romanian National Agency representatives, Ms. Severin and Ms. Baltatu were present to facilitate up-coming interim reporting issues. The target partners from Romania, Slovenia and Turkey presented the "Gender and Diversity in VET" learning draft materials which will be validated in the next months.

National Strategic Partners Meeting - 2

18 people from 8 different organizations (6 of them National Strategic Advisory Group members) participated at the meeting in Ankara on May 30th, 2008

The first G.D. meeting of the National Strategic Advisory Group was held in Ankara on January 29th , 2008.

The first workshop

... of "Gender & Diversity in VET" was held in Modena from April 17th to 18th,2008. The project partners discussed the requirements regarding the content and functional design of the learning materials.

Scientific Article:

Some Norwegian experiences with deliberate educational choices

"Gender and Diversity in VET" - Strategic partner's meeting in Ankara

In Turkey, the first national strategic partners meeting of the GD project was held on January 29th, 2008 at Hotel Ickale in Ankara. 14 staff members from 7 different governmental and non-governmental organisations participated at the meeting.

In the morning session, the aims and targets of the project and possible partnership methods were presented by Riza Gurbuz. The participants asked some questions about the project and possible partner's contributions to the product development and the dissemination of the outcomes. The working and communication methods between the national strategic partners were discussed in the afternoon.

The kick-off meeting

... of "Gender & Diversity in VET" was held in Vienna on January 10th and 11th 2008. In the presence of the Romanian National Agency (Mrs Doina Popescu and Mrs Adriana Sfetcu), partners discussed activities for each work package of the project.

Helmut Kronika (BEST) presenting the outline of the project


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